Dave Bautista’s Seen Army Of The Dead 5 Times, Says He’s Obsessed With The Ending

Army of the Dead
Image via Netflix

Zack Snyder knows a thing or two about leaving his fans wanting more, as the epilogue of HBO Max’s Justice League can attest to. The final stretch of the four-hour epic teased several movies that Warner Bros. have no intentions of ever making, but audiences will continue fighting the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse fight regardless.

At least we know for sure that his upcoming Netflix blockbuster Army of the Dead is poised to launch a franchise, with a prequel already having been filmed and animated series Lost Vegas also on the way. There are no sequel plans officially in place yet, but the director is more than open to the idea, while star Dave Bautista has teased that the ending of the movie is set to generate plenty of discussion.

There are a huge volume of actors that never watch their own efforts ever again once their work is done on set, but Bautista is clearly cut from a different cloth. The leading man revealed that not only has he seen Army of the Dead five times already, but he’s obsessed with what happens at the very end.

“I’ve seen it like five times already. I’m not kidding. I don’t wanna have you go in with super high expectations but you should. There’s something about the end of this film that I’m absolutely obsessed with. When you see it, you’ll see what I mean. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback. I just love the end of this film. I love it.”

While the 52 year-old wouldn’t be drawn on specifics, it creates another level of intrigue surrounding Army of the Dead, which hits Netflix four weeks from tomorrow. Valentine the zombie tiger has already captured the imagination of the internet, and Snyder no doubt has plenty more surprises in store for the platform’s 200 million subscribers. If Anthony Mackie’s Outside the Wire can crack the Top 10 list of most-watched original films ever by drawing in 66 million viewers in four weeks, then the upcoming apocalyptic actioner stands every chance of comfortably sailing past those numbers to become one of the streamer’s biggest hits yet.