David Ayer Shares Unused Harley Quinn Costume Concepts For Suicide Squad

While The Suicide Squad has been massively popular, it seems that fans just can’t give up on seeing David Ayer’s true vision for the original Suicide Squad head to screens. Just recently, #ReleaseTheAyerCut trended again and the director has been dropping lots of never-before-seen tidbits about the movie on social media.

It’s hard to deny that Margot Robbie’s interpretation of Harley Quinn in the movie has become iconic at this point with most modern audiences recognizing her look as the character. It’s inspired countless Halloween costumes — even Madonna has dressed up Harley Quinn for the holiday — but it could have been much different.

Ayer recently shared several alternate costume designs that were considered for the film and talked a bit about the process. You can see these pictures in the gallery below.

“Many many different designs and concepts were tried out,” Ayer said on Twitter. “A director will be presented multiple iterations, often from several artists. Sometimes multiple wardrobe builds are tested. It’s a long process and requires the labor of many talented collaborators.”

The costumes do look incredibly different than what we got in the film and it’s wild to think just how much things would have changed had Ayer chosen a different option. We’ve seen how he wanted the villain of the film to look and now have even more insight into his tastes in costumes.

Do these images make you want to see Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad? Are the costumes even better than what ended up being chosen? Sound off in the comments!