David Goyer Will Adapt Patrick Lee’s The Breach

You’ll already know David Goyer through Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, but with that trilogy all wrapped up, the producer/story writer/screenwriter has seemingly found his next project (after Godzilla and Man Of Steel) in Patrick Lee’s novel The Breach. He’s set to work on it with Transformers producer Lorenza di Bonaventura, who definitely has one hell of a name.

The Breach is one of those airport paperbacks that makes for fun and efficient reading, though the plot is extremely pulpy and unbelievably insane. On one hand, it’s one of those artifact huntin’, globe trottin’ adventures that there are just about ten million of… and then, on the other hand, it’s all science-fiction and time rifts.

The main character is an ex-cop who has taken to a quiet life in Alaska (his name is “Travis Chase”, of course), but his peaceful existence is ruined by a plane crash and a whole bunch of… murdered passengers? It all comes together when an artifact is found on board.

No news as to who will actually direct this, as David Goyer is just set to produce at the moment. But it’s been rumored that he might actually take the reigns. We’ll let you know.

What do you think? Interested in The Breach?

Source: Empire