Here’s How David Harbour Could Look In Live-Action Incredibles Movie


Stranger Things star David Harbour swaps battling aliens in Hawkins for fighting supervillains in Metroville in this awesome live-action Incredibles fan art.

Pixar’s the Incredibles have starred in two smash-hit animated movies, but this artwork imagines what would happen if Bob Parr AKA Mr. Incredible himself made the jump into live-action and was played by the Hellboy actor. Instagram user ArtOfTimeTravel is responsible for the terrific piece and the artwork features Harbour with a blond sweep of hair and a faithfully recreated version of Mr. Incredible’s costume. The orange filter applied to the city behind him is a nice touch from the artist, too, as it recalls the old-timey, 1950s/1960s feel of the original films.

Check it out below:

To date, Disney has yet to get to the point where they’re doing live-action remakes of their Pixar properties, but after a while, they’re bound to run out of classic 2D animated movies to adapt, so it’s not out of the question. And if they were to start down this road, then The Incredibles would certainly be a natural choice, given the popularity of live-action superhero films.

Purists out there would probably much prefer an Incredibles 3 instead, though. However, when Incredibles 2 released in 2018, writer/director Brad Bird warned that he’s in no hurry to do another one, pointing to how the 14 year gap between the first and the second allowed him time to recharge his creative batteries. He’s also ruled out any spinoffs happening in the meantime as he feels there’s too much of “the same stuff” in cinema at the moment. So, it sounds like he wouldn’t be pleased with a live-action reboot of his movie.

As for Harbour, he’s due to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with November’s Black Widow, in which he stars as over-the-hill Russian superhero Red Guardian. Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4 resumes production next week.

Tell us, though, do you like the idea of a live-action Incredibles reboot? Dash over to the comments and let us know.