Stranger Things Season 4 Restarts Production This Month

Stranger Things

One of the most notable TV shows affected by the pandemic was Stranger Thingswith the smash hit Netflix series having to suspend production on its much-anticipated fourth season when the quarantine came into effect. But now, six months later, it’s looking like filming could start up again just in time for October.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix is targeting next Monday, September 28th for the beginning of the second wave of the shoot in Georgia. The trade points out, however, that as with everything right now, this date could change at a moment’s notice given the threat of COVID-19.

It’s known that the writers have used this unexpected delay to hone the scripts for season 4, which is expected to last for eight episodes. They also appear to have properly mapped out their plans for the show’s end. Prior to the filming break, creators the Duffers were sketchy about when the series could conclude. Recently, however, they’ve confirmed that season 4 will definitely not be the last outing.

The best thing about this news is that it means a 2021 release date is now once again likely. It seemed like the plan was to drop ST4 in the first part of 2021 and while it might not arrive quite as early as originally intended, if this phase of shooting goes smoothly, then it might not be as delayed as we thought.

There’s still a lot of work left to do on the upcoming run, though. Production only kicked off on Valentine’s Day, before closing down just a month later. We know that season 3 shot between April-November of 2018, so there could be a further four months of filming to go on season 4, which means it might reach into January or February next year.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated as and when more on Stranger Things season 4 comes in.