David Harbour’s Red Guardian Looks Pretty Mad In New Black Widow Photo


There’s been little word on Black Widow for a while now, which is probably a good thing. Last month, there were reports circulating that Kevin Feige was locked in intense discussions with the Disney brass about how to approach the release of the hotly-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, which was originally scheduled to premiere last May.

Apparently, Feige was sticking to his guns that Scarlett Johansson’s solo spinoff remain a theatrical exclusive, while his paymasters at the Mouse House were trying to float the idea of a hybrid Disney Plus Premier Access release similar to the live-action Mulan remake or recent animation Raya and the Last Dragon, and it was said that it could end up being pushed back again if an agreement wasn’t reached.

At the time, we were told a decision would be made over the coming weeks, but as of yet, there hasn’t been any concrete update from either Marvel Studios or Disney, so for the time being, Black Widow is still set for May 7th. Star David Harbour certainly thinks that’s the case, too, and he posted an image on social media (see below) describing his Red Guardian as a ‘rhinoceros,’ while reminding fans that the big screen Phase Four kickoff is coming to theaters very soon.

Unless things change again, Black Widow is a little over seven weeks away, and at this point, we can hardly wait to lay eyes on it. The footage we’ve seen so far makes it look as though Harbour’s Red Guardian would be the result of what happened if Steve Rogers let himself go, and the grizzled Russian super soldier is set to offer solid comic relief that makes great use of the actor’s world-weary charisma and hangdog charm.