David Spade’s Hilarious New Comedy’s Been Dominating Netflix All Week

The Wrong Missy

Over the lockdown, I’ve noticed a pattern of lighthearted movies taking over Netflix. Coffee & Kareem was the talk of the platform for about a week and Despicable Me made a big comeback to take the number one spot from Tiger King a few weeks back. Of course, both of these have one thing in common: they have absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus.

Now, that trend of silly movies that don’t make you think of the viral pandemic wreaking havoc across the world continues, as the new David Spade film The Wrong Missy is currently at the #1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies and Top 10 overall charts.

The comedy (which comes in at a suspiciously contract-fulfilling exact 90 minutes) is about a man who inadvertently invites the wrong woman to his company retreat and debuted on Netflix on May 13th, boasting Adam Sandler as a producer. It went on to quickly garner a bunch of negative reviews, currently sitting at a lowly 31% on the Tomatometer.

One critic said that “even with locked-down consumers scraping the bottom of the Netflix content trough, this new addition to the lineup is pretty dreary,” while another reviewer stated that “the fact that I resent this movie for stealing time from me during a period in my life when time has lost nearly all meaning probably tells you everything you need to know.”

The Wrong Missy

Even the positive reviews aren’t exactly glowing, saying “Sandler has packaged far worse films for Netflix,” that it “vaguely amused here and there” and that at best it’s “a harmless diversion.” But hey, audiences seem to be enjoying it, so I guess they have the last laugh. Besides, in these troubled times, maybe a harmless diversion isn’t the worst thing in the world?

So, if you want to turn your brain off and have a giggle at a movie that won’t remind you of the killer virus that destroys your lungs and kills your grandparents, The Wrong Missy is the film for you.