Here’s How David Tennant Could Look As The Riddler In The Batman


Though Robert Pattinson is confirmed as the new Caped Crusader, Matt Reeves’ The Batman has yet to announce its antagonists, and if recent reports are anything to go by, then the Dark Knight’s next solo outing has quite a few villain slots open.

Naturally, this has led to a whole load of fancasting for the film’s “Rogues Gallery.” Just take this new artwork from Instagram user William Gray, which imagines David Tennant of Doctor Who and Jessica Jones fame as the next Riddler. Though we currently have no reason to believe that Warner Bros. is eyeing Tennant for the role, replies to the image indicate that there are a lot of DC fans out there who’d be on board with the choice.

Of course, Tennant is far from the first suggestion that the internet has offered for the role of The Riddler, with previous fan art showing everyone from Sebastian Stan to Simon Pegg in the part. Meanwhile, reports indicate that The Riddler will be one of at least six famous villains in Reeves’ film, and the fans have been all too happy to present their ideas for those other five slots.

The next Catwoman in particular has been the subject of much hearsay, speculation and debate. Vanessa Hudgens was one name that entered the conversation fairly early, and since then, rumors have sprung up suggesting the likes of Ana de Armas and Vanessa Kirby.

Throw in all the recent talk about the next Penguin, and the internet is sure giving Warner a lot of ideas. But whatever line-up the studio settles on, we can see them in action when The Batman hits theaters on on June 25th, 2021.

Source: Instagram

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