Dazzling New 5-Minute-Long Aquaman Trailer Swims Online


If Arthur Curry spent much of Justice League fighting against Steppenwolf and those nasty Parademons on Earth’s surface, then Aquaman is all about taking Jason Momoa’s titular DC hero right beneath the ocean, where he must prove his worth as the would-be king of Atlantis.

Set to swim into theaters later this year, on December 21st, which is now one of 2018’s busiest release corridors thanks to Bumblebee and the wondrous, long-in-development sequel Mary Poppins Returns – not to mention that untitled PG-13 Deadpool movie, too – the James Wan-directed spinoff is barreling down on its launch date and to keep the momentum going, we now have a dazzling new trailer to feast on, and at over 5 minutes in length, there’s a ton to unpack.

Following up on yesterday’s poster, this latest preview is another intriguing look at the next Worlds of DC effort, promising a gripping story, a fascinating underwater world to explore and CG action that’s undoubtedly impressive. Honestly, there are a lot of really great moments in this trailer (that chase across the rooftops near the end is particularly thrilling), and we can’t wait to dive right into the film later this year, but it’s important to remember that ultimately, Aquaman will live or die on its character development, and that’s something we can’t quite gauge yet from the various bits of footage we’ve seen.

That being said, if studio head Toby Emmerich is to be believed, Wan and his creative team have struck what’s apparently the perfect balance between “fun and jeopardy, edge and wonder, comedy and tragedy.” Color us excited and, dare we say, optimistic?

Aquaman officially crashes into theaters on December 21st, and we can only hope that it’ll turn the tide in Warner Bros.’ favor after the colossal misfire of Justice League. After all, the Worlds of DC franchise can desperately do with a win right now, wouldn’t you say?