Dazzling New Fan Posters For The Dark Knight Rises

It’s a clear sign that the masses are excited for an upcoming film when they go to great lengths to practically promote it themselves. The Dark Knight Rises is clearly such an entity, as Know the Artist has rounded up five new fan-made posters for the superhero threequel. All of them are impressive to say the least, although the first three in the set stand out the most.

It’s always amusing when an Average Joe whips up an image for a big upcoming release and completely embarrasses the real deal. The Dark Knight Rises certainly isn’t such an example (and has some pretty smart-looking studio posters of its own), but these homemade offerings are right up there with its official ones.

These five new posters add to the existing collection, which was already overflowing with sharp, gritty examples of artfulness. Even if it’s clear that they were adapted from existing sources (the Catwoman art specifically is pieced together from the poster for the first Underworld film,) you still have to admire folks’ resourcefulness and passion. Not to mention their abundance of free time.

Check out the posters below.