Here’s How Zac Efron Would Look As The Next Green Lantern


Not even 24 hours have passed since rumors began circulating that Zac Efron, star of Neighbors, Baywatch and The Greatest Showman, had emerged as the new frontrunner for Green Lantern Corps and already, concept art extraordinaire BossLogic has produced a new piece that imagines Efron as the famed DC hero.

Chances are the former High School Musical star is in the running for either Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, though considering everyone from John Krasinski to Tom Cruise has been linked to the former, we imagine Efron has been tipped to play Kyle Rayner.

Either way, BossLogic has fueled the speculation in the most extraordinary way, as below you’ll see another one of the artist’s cracking one-sheets on which Zac Efron has clearly taken the Green Lantern oath, vowing to protect Oa, Earth and everything (and everyone) in between.

Not bad, eh? Initially, there were those who believed Zac Efron wasn’t up to snuff, and while BossLogic’s latest is nothing more than a speculative piece of concept art, you can’t deny that Efron looks the part as the next Green Lantern.

Whether this role comes to pass is another question entirely, as Green Lantern Corps is still incubating within the bowels of development. Warner Bros. still has Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 to contend with, so it’ll likely be some time yet before we hear a tangible update relating to Hal Jordan’s next big-screen adventure – regardless of whether Zac Efron lands the coveted role or not.

We will, of course, be keeping you right up-to-date as that DC project begins to fall into place. For now though, let’s just admire the elegance of BossLogic’s latest superhero piece and its beautiful, lime-green colors.

Source: BossLogic