DC defenders present logical reasons as to why ‘Wonder Woman 3’ may have been canned

Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures

Yesterday saw the bombshell revelation that Warner Bros. Discovery has slammed the brakes on Wonder Woman 3. This would have been the third collaboration between Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, with the film greenlit soon after Wonder Woman 1984 premiered two years ago in 2020.

Speculation immediately began building as to why. The most obvious reason is that Wonder Woman 1984 was terrible, and that the treatment Jenkins submitted indicated more of the same to come. Beyond that, the DCEU is set for a big shake-up now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are at the helm, with it being dubbed the DCU going forwards.

Now, in a lengthy post on r/DC_Cinematic, we have a whole bunch of reasons why this might have happened. These range from Gunn wanting more interconnectivity between movies that Wonder Woman 3 wouldn’t have provided, a drive to get Geoff Johns (responsible for a lot of questionable DCEU choices) off the franchise, trying to figure out a reboot, or a desire to evolve Patty’s vision of the hero into something else under a new director.

The most plausible reason to us is that the Wonder Woman 3 treatment just wasn’t great, and was overly reminiscent of WW84. The replies have some other theories:

Bring on the Gunnpocalypse:

It looks like opinion has firmly turned against Jenkins:

It remains to be seen whether Gadot will strap back on the armor once again, though a recent post via Instagram seems to indicate this is it for her. We’re both relieved that Warner Bros. Discovery is avoiding another WW84-level disaster, but a little nervous that this might be the end for Gadot, as when we now imagine the character, we think of her.