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DC fans are ready to give up on Henry Cavill as Superman, but not without one last hope

People still want Superman to return to the DCEU.

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Despite DC and Warner Bros trying to avoid using Superman in their latest projects, that doesn’t mean that fans want him gone for good. Unfortunately, fans have to accept the reality that it’s most likely not going to happen. As a result, fans have decided to agree that if Superman doesn’t appear in one last movie, then they will finally accept that the Man of Steel is no longer wanted in the DCEU.

Reddit user u/AAAFate asked fans on r/DC_Cinematic if they’re ready to let go of the iconic superhero if he doesn’t appear in Black Adam. It’s been demanded by fans (and Dwayne Johnson) that Superman facing Black Adam would be amazing, not just for DC and Warner Bros, but for the whole DCEU itself. But if the superhero never appears in person, if Henry Cavill doesn’t reprise his role for one last time, will it be the perfect time to give up?

As it turns out, OP is not alone, as other fans have felt the same way. While having two of DC’s powerful characters face each other could be an amazing idea, it is something that is unlikely to happen. Especially with the direction that Warner Bros. has taken the character lately, with headless cameos at the end of films. Some believe that even if Superman does not appear in the film, it could be a stepping stone to have him be re-invited to the DCEU.

Others fans have already accepted that he’s not going to come back and that it’s somewhat unnecessary for Cavill to make a reappearance. Fans also said that they would enjoy the film, regardless if Cavill’s Superman is in it or not.

Despite the recent flops that were Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, Superman is still a well-loved character in the DC franchise. And it would a shame if we never see him again in the DCEU, but maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe we should enjoy the new and obscure heroes that will be introduced in DC’s newest projects.

Black Adam comes out in theaters on Oct. 21, 2022.

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