DC Fans Roast Warner Bros. After They Wish Aquaman’s Amber Heard A Happy Birthday

Amber Heard

Ever since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended their marriage in 2017, they’ve been stuck in a dragged-out and ongoing legal battle that just keeps getting messier and messier. Both stars claim they were abused in the marriage, though most of the information that we’ve seen recently implicates the Aquaman actress as the instigator of many of the incidents.

Some of the more damning evidence against Heard includes court documents that reveal she defecated on Depp’s bed, a statement from Johnny’s estate manager which says that she was abusive to him while his children were present in the house, and allegations that she threw a vodka bottle at him, which cut his finger.

But it seems Warner Bros. is willing to look past all that. Or at least, whoever runs the Aquaman Twitter account is, as they posted a Happy Birthday message to Amber earlier today, which you can see below:

Of course, the internet didn’t take this very well, with many people calling out WB on Twitter for supporting the actress. And you can find but a sampling of what folks are saying down below:

Amber Heard

Yup, it’s pretty clear from these reactions that people aren’t too enthused by Warner Bros. showing support for Amber given what she’s been accused of. And as each new story breaks about her and Johnny’s relationship, more and more folks seem to be siding with the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Of course, it’s not like he’s completely innocent in all this, either, but it’s starting to look like Heard was much less of a victim than she initially portrayed herself as. Then again, until this is all settled in court, we’ll never know the true story, but judging by the responses to this Tweet, it’s clear that a lot of Aquaman fans have no interest in seeing the actress return for the sequel.