Amber Heard Defecated On Johnny Depp’s Bed, Punched Him For Being Late To Her Party

Pirates of the Caribbean

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s domestic violence case ended up in the latter’s favor a while ago when an audio clip exposed her physically violent behavior towards the Fantastic Beasts star, and now, the actor has referenced another incriminating instance in his defamation lawsuit.

Depp, who seemingly lost his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because of these domestic violence allegations, has recently submitted an official declaration to the federal court of Fairfax County, Virginia, detailing one instance in their relationship when the Aquaman actress physically and emotionally abused him for being late for her birthday party, even though he had informed Heard that he wasn’t going to make it on time because of an important meeting.

The court document reads:

“Among other violent acts, Ms. Heard punched me repeatedly in the face as I lay in bed reading after the party, leaving me with an egg-shaped swelling under my left eye,”

As Depp notes, after he left the penthouse the following morning, either Heard or one of her friends, who were present for the party, defecated on his bed before leaving together for Coachella. The actor also claims that their estate manager Kevin Murphy said to him that Heard admitted the feces was “just a harmless prank.”

A month later, Depp arrived at the penthouse to collect his things and inform Heard that he was filing for divorce, though the actress allegedly “went berserk and started screaming,” phoning her friend iO Tillett Wright to mock Depp and deny the defecation incident, calling it a figment of his imagination.

Then, an angry Depp took the phone and said, “I don’t care. It’s over,” before tossing it towards the sofa where it landed four feet away from Heard. When he turned to walk to the other side of the room, the actress screamed, “Johnny stop hitting me!”

According to the actor, one of Heard’s friends who were hiding somewhere in the penthouse rushed to the scene, yelling, “Don’t do it, stop it, leave her alone.” As the declaration reads:

“I was shocked and immediately denied this absurd allegation because I had neither thrown the phone at her, nor hit her, nor touched her, nor was I physically anywhere near her. Ms. Heard did not know that my two security guards were posted immediately outside the door of the penthouse,”

It would seem that Heard was serially violent towards Johnny Depp, and amid the controversial audio clip in which she claims that no one will believe his allegations, things aren’t looking particularly good for the Aquaman actress. Not to mention that the petition to remove her from the sequel has now reached its target, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Warner Bros. decides to take action in the wake of these new revelations.