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Amber Heard Assaulted Johnny Depp While His Children Were In The House

New and concerning information has come out regarding the ongoing post-divorce battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.


New and concerning information has come out regarding the ongoing post-divorce battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Depp’s estate manager, Tara Roberts, has joined the discussion with startling and unfortunate news that his children witnessed the aftermath of at least one of their major altercations. The situation she referenced took place in 2015 while the couple were still married and staying in their home in the Bahamas. It involved a verbal argument in which Heard allegedly demeaned Depp and his career before following the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to the parking lot of the house and physically abusing him.

By the end of the fight, Roberts states that Depp had a gash on his nose. Heard admitted to throwing a “quart-sized can of lacquer thinner” at Depp’s face and causing the injury, though she’s adamant that the entire situation was misrepresented in recordings and statements.

It was during this specific altercation that Depp’s two children, John Christopher Depp III and Lily-Rose Depp, were allegedly present on the property. It’s not yet been confirmed if the kids have seen any of the couple’s previous fights unfold, but Roberts states that she had a direct role in helping the children cope with the aftermath of this specific fallout.

Some of Roberts’ declaration are as follows:

I saw Amber lunge at Johnny, clawing, tugging and aggressively pulling him. He continued to stand there yelling at her to stop and leave him alone. When he stepped back to leave, her onslaught would start again. During this entire incident, I never saw Johnny hit Amber, or push her back, nor did he physically react to the attacks.

Also present on the island during this late 2015 visit was Johnny’s son, daughter, and his daughter’s friend. Johnny’s children did witness the aftermath of the night before as I got them that morning, explained to them what had happened, and took them to their father.

Heard has faced a significant amount of backlash as evidence seems to continue mounting against her, and petitions to replace her in Aquaman 2 and end her time as a spokesperson for cosmetics company L’Oreal have gained a lot of support. However, none of the allegations of her abuse have been enough to convince Warner Bros. or L’Oreal to take action.

Johnny Depp has also filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, and as the situation between the ex-couple keeps spiraling out of control in this long-lasting legal battle, only time will tell who walks away the victor. But is anyone really the victor in a situation like this?

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