Amber Heard Reportedly Won’t Be Fired From Aquaman 2 Amidst Allegations


One of the biggest ongoing stories of the moment is the controversy surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, with pubic opinion swiftly turning against the former after the release of an audio clip containing an unequivocal admission of hitting her ex-husband. In spite of this though, it seems that the actress won’t lose either her role in Aquaman 2 or her position as a spokesperson for L’Oreal.

According to Screen Geek, a source of theirs close to the situation has been in contact to relay the information and explain why Heard’s admission will have no apparent repercussions.

“Warner Bros. doesn’t care about the allegations made about Amber Heard nor do they have interest in social media. As such, there’s nothing going on with her role on Aquaman 2 and they wouldn’t consider firing her. The petitions to get her dropped from L’Oreal are also highly unlikely to go anywhere with the company. L’Oreal runs Amber Heard’s social media pages and are very fond of her.”

The source also went on to state that what people have heard of the situation is not the whole story, saying:

“In fact, there’s much more to these allegations than what’s been revealed so far. This is why Amber Heard hasn’t settled with Johnny Depp. While the audio recordings with Amber Heard don’t look good, Amber still has incredibly damaging evidence against Johnny Depp. With that said, Amber Heard and her legal team have chosen to do everything involving their case in court rather than rely on social media.”

Regardless of whether or not this is accurate and that there’s still more to be revealed, people are increasingly turning on Heard it seems, with the petition to remove her from the role of Mera reaching its goal of 300,000 signatures. As such, its goal has now been updated to half a million.

Not to mention that WGTC reported the other week that the possibility of replacing Heard has, at the very least, been discussed – something our sources re-confirmed once more today when we reached out to them. If ScreenGeek’s intel is accurate, though, then perhaps WB has decided against it? Or maybe there’s some sort of divide between execs at the studio in regards to what they want to do with the actress?

In any case, it feels like this whole fracas has been going on for far longer than it actually has, and if what’s been reported is true, it looks like this is far from the last word on the subject of Amber Heard and Aquaman 2 and that even more controversy will soon be heaped onto an already towering pile.