DC Fans Are Roasting Warner Bros. For New Justice League 4K Trailer

Justice League Batman

Just when you thought the SnyderVerse talk had finally started to slink into the background of the cultural conversation, along comes Warner Bros. to piss off Justice League fans for what feels like the millionth time. The studio released a new trailer to hype the impending 4K debut of the DCEU’s all-star epic, except it was for Joss Whedon’s theatrical version and not the Snyder Cut.

As you can imagine, the promo has been downvoted into oblivion on YouTube where at the time of writing it holds just over 1,700 positive votes, compared to more than 24,000 negative ones. Surely somebody in the marketing department should have seen this one coming, especially when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released eight weeks ago and only recently stopped trending on a daily basis.

Of course, WB have been more than happy to ignore any and all calls from the fans to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse, and by all accounts, it’s the theatrical version that bombed hard and was savaged by critics that they regard as the official and definitive version of the film, but as you can tell from some of the reactions below, it’s only given SnyderVerse supporters more ammunition.

Spare a thought for that poor fan at the end who plans to stick around until the summer’s DC FanDome to find out what the future holds for the SnyderVerse, because the prognosis isn’t particularly encouraging. Even Zack Snyder thinks the campaigns will amount to nothing and he’d be the brains behind any continuations of Justice League. In any case, it’s clear that there’s not a legion of followers clamoring to see the theatrical edition remastered in 4K given its reputation as a complete and utter failure.