WB Reportedly Considering Introducing A Latino Superman In The DCEU


Last week, Warner Bros. finally cast the DCEU’s Supergirl, with newcomer Sasha Calle hired to play Kara Zor-El in The Flash movie. Calle’s casting is a big deal as it marks the first time the Girl of Steel has been portrayed by a Latina actress. Of course, ever since Henry Cavill’s future in the franchise began to look shaky a few years ago, there’ve been rumors that the studio wanted to diversify the Superman family, and it’s possible that Calle’s hiring is just one part of WB’s plans.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor he’s heard on his Patreon page, which states that the studio are considering introducing a Latino Superman into the DCEU. That’s as much info as we have on this right now, so the ins and outs of what WB have got up their sleeves here are anyone’s guess. For instance, would The Flash feature an alt-Supes from another universe? Will the Man of Steel from The Batman universe be Latino? Who knows?

It’s a fact that WB has been open to casting a non-white actor as the Kryptonian hero for a while, as Michael B. Jordan revealed he was once in talks with the studio to star in a Superman movie before parting ways over creative differences. And with Calle’s Supergirl breaking the door down, now’s probably the right time for a POC Man of Steel to appear on the big screen.

Obviously, seeing as Clark and Kara are cousins, you might wonder if this Latino Superman is related to Calle’s Supergirl and they both come from the same universe. So far as we know, Calle’s Kara hails from the DCEU’s Earth, but it’s possible that’s not the case and she comes from elsewhere.

Regardless, if you have the perfect choice for a Latino actor who could portray the Big Blue Boy Scout, let us know in the comments section below.