DC Reportedly Plans To Release 6 Movies Per Year Starting In 2022

The Batman

Warner Bros. reportedly has plans to ramp up the number of DC movies it releases per year in 2022. Though it’s been around since 2013, the DCEU has only racked up a fraction of the total amount of films Marvel has dropped in that time. But WB looks set to fix that and aim to match the amount of MCU content coming up, as they could be about to bump up their output from just 1 or 2 pics every 12 months to a whopping six each calendar year.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, the studio apparently has plans to release six movies every year beginning as soon as 2022. As per what he’s shared on his Patreon page, they hope to have four films arrive in theaters and two additional ones drop on HBO Max in 2022. Following on from that, this will then become the norm and be what we can expect moving forward.

As things stand, there are only three DCEU movies in development that are headed for release in 2022. Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Dark Knight, finally lands in March. The Flash is then due in November, with Aquaman 2 set to hit theaters just a month later in December. There’s room for at least one more theatrical release in between Batman and The Flash, then, but it’s unclear what that could be. Shazam! Fury of the Gods is the first to drop in 2023, in June, but that would have to shoot pretty soon if it’s to be brought a whole year forward.

As for the HBO Max pair, maybe we’re looking at more Snyder Cut-like projects here – perhaps the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad or a Justice League 2. Or maybe those spinoffs we’ve heard about – a Wonder Woman offshoot about the Amazons and an Aquaman-adjacent horror titled The Trench. And remember, these movies would be in addition to all the streaming TV shows in the works, like Green Lantern and Justice League Dark. So, if this report is true, we’re in for a ton of DC content over the next few years.