DCEU Artist Clarifies His Statements On Snyder’s Justice League Cut


Judging by his social media presence, Jay Oliva – the man behind such animated films as Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – isn’t one to mince words. Case in point: last month, in response to a fan on Twitter who said the Snyder cut of Justice League “doesn’t and never will exist,” Oliva – who not only worked on the pic, but Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well – simply replied “it does exist.”

Previously, the storyboard artist – who’s been a veritable treasure trove of DCEU minutia as of late – took to his favorite social media platform, much like his former boss is known to do occasionally, and essentially confirmed that everything Zack Snyder had envisioned for his third installment in the shared universe “exists in one form or another.”

While speaking with Revenge of the Fans, Oliva clarified his statement. After all, with all the talk regarding whether or not Snyder has indeed been working on the director’s cut of Justice League, one can’t choose their words too carefully.

“Well, I wouldn’t discount Zack having a trailer ready,” he said. “He’s really good at cutting trailers, but I don’t think he’s been working on Justice League since I’m sure he has a cut he’s happy with that he screened to execs way back in the editing of Justice League prior to Whedon.”

Oliva then elaborated, stating that regardless of how polished the Snyder cut may in fact be, the fandom is most interested in seeing “the more accurate representation of where the story was supposed to go.”

“That’s what the whole movement is about. It’s not about finishing the film it’s about showing the fans of Zack’s universe established in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman the more accurate representation of where the story was supposed to go.”

Although SDCC is a little under two weeks away now – where we half expect the fabled director’s cut of Justice League to be rolled out – Oliva has no idea if Snyder has anything in store for us at the “largest convention of its kind in the world.”

“Whether or not anything will be announced for SDCC that’s up in the air. I’d love to hear something like everyone else and I’m sure Zack will talk about it at some point in the near future.”

For all the scuttlebutt going around, though, Oliva’s sure of one thing: fan support.

“Well it’s the critics and bloggers who got the executives to change course. What do you think will happen when enough of the public outcry reaches them? I’m not an exec at WB nor am I still an employee, but stranger things have happened.”

Odds are we’ll probably hear nothing about Justice League out of Hall H in less than two weeks time, but look on the bright side, at least we’ve got something to discuss for the remainder of our existence because let’s face it, the Snyder cut movement is showing no sign of slowing down.