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DCEU diehards already speculating wildly on what James Gunn could be cooking up

For another, the solid choice is for Gunn to do something with a character he has already worked with.

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Yesterday, fans of the DCEU were treated to yet another report about secret goings-on at the Marvel rival. Various movies are in the mix from reputed creators, and one eyeing something new is James Gunn, with fans now wondering just what he may be toiling away at next.

For one fan, the idea of the creative doing anything with a major character like Superman does not make sense, as the character’s style is not within Gunn’s range of giving depth to the wacky and wild. He says Gunn should tackle some more obscure characters or one he has already tinkered with, and uses images of each to hammer home his point on just what would be a good fit for the big (or small) screen.

For another, the solid choice is for Gunn to do something with a character he has already worked with again. In their view, something with Idris Elba’s leader of the Suicide Squad, either on film or streaming and on small screens, is the best way to go.

Apart from these, the perhaps most Gunn-like suggestion online now is from one user who says the 56-year-old should go with a villain who is VERY real, and very ridiculously powered by cocaine and hails in a stereotypical manner from Colombia in the ’80s.

Nothing is official at this time, and Gunn could always abandon whatever he may be working on. His most recent film in the franchise, The Suicide Squad, is available to stream on HBO Max and can also be watched on Hulu and rented on YouTube.

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