Deadpool 2 Easter Egg Teases Another X-Men Superhero Team


As you probably know, Deadpool 2‘s main purpose is to introduce the X-Force to moviegoing audiences before the militant mutant super-team gets their own spinoff, which is set to go before the cameras later this year. You might have missed a subtle visual joke in the sequel, however, which teases another X-Men-related superhero group from the pages of Marvel Comics. Specifically, Alpha Flight – the Canadian team of costumed heroes.

If you look at the advertisement on top of Dopinder’s cab during Deadpool 2, you can see that it concerns an airline company which promises “cheap flights, last-minute deals and travel insurance.” Its name? Alpha Flight, in a hilarious nod to the comic book team of the same name.

For those unfamiliar, Alpha Flight were created by X-Men legends Chris Claremont and John Byrne in 1979. Initially just a part of Wolverine’s backstory – he was a member of the group before he joined the X-Men – AF later got their very own solo comic book series. Their roster traditionally consists of the likes of Aurora, Guardian, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman and Snowbird.

Deadpool 2‘s reference is actually the second time the X-Men movie universe has given them a tip of the hat, as the term Alpha Flight previously appeared as a file on General Stryker’s computer back in X-2. Obviously, the name-drop in the Merc’s sequel is mostly for comedic purposes – it’s not even referencing the team themselves – but it’s worth noting that it might prove to be an important bit of foreshadowing down the road.

After all, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg has said that Alpha Flight is one of several properties that Fox is considering spinning off into their own franchises. That was before the whole merger with Disney went down, however, so we’re not sure if this still stands. Let’s hope so, though, as this would then become another way in which Deadpool 2 sets up future X-Men movies.

Source: Twitter