8 Ways That Deadpool 2 Sets Up Future X-Men Movies


Back in 2016, Deadpool was a bit of a risk for Fox, as no R-rated Marvel movie had ever been attempted before and its irreverent approach to the genre might not have been embraced by wider audiences. As we all know, though, it turned out to be the highest grossing X-Men movie ever made and launched Ryan Reynolds’ anti-hero into the big leagues.

Now that Deadpool 2 is here, then, it’s a very different story. Perhaps because the studio believes Wade Wilson’s exploits could well have more life left in them than the mainline X-Men films, this sequel does a lot of heavy lifting to set up future installments of Deadpool’s corner of the X-Universe. Think The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but imagine that it actually worked.

In particular, it paves the way for the upcoming X-Force spinoff movie, to be directed by Drew Goddard and confirmed to be starring Reynolds, Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino. But what are the most significant ways that Deadpool 2 sets the scene for more? Well, read on to find out.

Be warned, though, we’re going to go into full spoiler territory here. If you’ve yet to see the film, bookmark this page and come back when you have.