Deadpool 2 Had Another Logan Easter Egg That Everyone Missed


Deadpool 2 arrived last week and, as you might expect, it was bulging with easter eggs. Of course, most superhero movies feature a whole lot of easter eggs and references to the comic books they’re based on and maybe even other films in the same franchise, so this might not sound terribly surprising. Deadpool 2, however, is on a completely different level.

Due to its fourth wall breaking nature and the quip-happy tendencies of the Merc with a Mouth, the pic takes aim at every major superhero franchise there is, makes fun of various other famous movies along the way and, of course, also drops in a lot of jokes that will make comic book readers laugh out loud but possibly sail over the heads of general audiences.

Obviously, there are a whole handful of easter eggs related to Hugh Jackman and in particular, Wolverine, which was to be expected. But there’s also one smaller nod hidden in the film that references Logan which everyone seems to have missed. And no, we’re not talking about the bit right at the start, as that’s pretty blatant.

Instead, we’re referring to the end of the movie. When DP’s lying there “dying,” the music playing over the scene is actually the same music that was used for Wolvie’s death in the aforementioned James Mangold-directed threequel. Very few people caught this, it seems, as it hasn’t really been reported on. Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, has confirmed it on Twitter though, replying to a fan who actually noticed that the two films used the exact same track.

Though not hugely significant to Deadpool 2 itself, this is still another nice easter egg in a movie that was chock-full of them. And it’s only got us even more hungry for that often dreamed about Wade Wilson/Logan crossover. Such a thing will never happen, it seems, given that Hugh Jackman has hung up the adamantium claws for good, but at least we have fun nods and references like this one to keep our appetites whet, right?

Source: Twitter