Another Pair Of Deadpool 2 Promos See The Merc Square Off Against His New Frenemies


You know how you often wait ages for a bus, only for three to show up at once?

The same can be said about Deadpool 2‘s marketing blitz, which has dropped seven – count ’em, seven – promos in as many days.

Granted, this being a Deadpool film, a lot of the newly-released footage features Wade Wilson poking fun at his fellow characters and, as was the case on Sunday evening, entirely different IP, after Fox dropped three timely TV spots in honor of The Walking Dead‘s season finale. You’ve heard of The Walking Dead, but how about The Walking Deadpool?

In order to keep that momentum burning bright, the Powers That Be have now rolled out yet another pair of Deadpool 2 TV spots, and this time around, the Merc goes toe-to-toe with his new frenemies: Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz).

They’re undoubtedly the headline-worthy newcomers of Deadpool 2, and at least based on today’s one-two punch, they’re about to push Wade Wilson to his absolute limit. Not that he would have it any other way, mind you, given that Ryan Reynolds’ gun-toting mercenary revels in anarchy.

But when it comes to the actual plot of Deadpool 2, it appears Josh Brolin’s time traveler, Nathan Summers, will pose the biggest threat to Wade Wilson, seeing as he’s prepared to go through hell and high water in order to retrieve Julian Dennison’s fire-wielding mutant. Chances are the actor’s playing Russell Collins (AKA Firefist) in the upcoming sequel, though given the sheer amount of secrecy that’s engulfed Deadpool 2 from the very beginning, we’ll have to wait until May 18th before we have an official answer.

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