Deadpool 2 Commentary Track Has A Disney/Fox Merger Joke


What with all the hoopla surrounding the home video release of Avengers: Infinity War, and the pending amalgamation between The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox, I wouldn’t blame you if the street date for Deadpool 2 flew right past your head.

At any rate, in case you didn’t know, The Super Duper Cut hacked, slashed and cussed itself right onto your preferred digital platform today, and with it came a bunch of bonus content, including extra footage and a cut of the movie with audio commentary by Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and director David Leitch.

Known to make a pop culture reference or two, Wade Wilson has never been one to shy away from breaking the fourth wall, so it’s only fitting that the team behind his most successful cinematic incarnation yet chimed in on the most pressing matter at hand for the irreverent superhero during the opening crawl.

As the Fox logo graced the screen prior to the commencement of Deadpool 2, Reynolds couldn’t help but quip: “There’s the Disney and/or Comcast logo. We’ll see. Read the news today. Seems like it’s anyone’s game.” Obviously, this is a reference to the bidding war between the House of Mouse and the global telecommunications conglomerate before the latter withdrew their bid, thereby allowing Bob Iger and co. to seize control of the Rupert Murdoch-founded multinational mass media corporation.

Rhett Reese then offered his best witticism, adding: “But what we’re saying is, we’re for sale,” before Leitch and Wernick each provided their own wisecrack.

All joking aside, the sale of 21st Century Fox to The Walt Disney Company was initially cause for alarm, as nobody really knew what it would mean for the foul-mouthed mercenary, given that his R-rated nature would clash with the family-friendly attitude of the House of Mouse.

Fret not, though, for during a teleconference earlier today, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger seemed pretty content to let the more successful of the recently acquired Marvel properties continue to function uninhibited. Deadpool included.