Deadpool 2 Director Addresses Possible Spider-Man Connection


Debuting along with the release of Logan back in March, the first promo for Deadpool 2 was a hilarious skit that saw the Merc with the Mouth totally fail to play the hero and save an old man from being shot down by a mugger. But was there more to the scene than we first thought?

A popular fan theory states that this old guy was actually Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, as the incident kind of mirrors the death of Spidey’s ill-fated uncle in most versions of the story. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a tie-in to Spider-Man: Homecoming, due to the fact that the cinematic universes of Marvel Studios and Fox have nothing to do with each other, but many thought it was a blackly humorous nod to another Marvel comics superhero. After all, Deadpool and Spider-Man often crossover on the page, so this theory does have legs.

In fact, even Deadpool 2 director David Leitch thinks so. When chatting with The Huffington Post, he spoke about the validity of the theory, but refused to be drawn on whether it was true or not.

“That’s a really interesting question. I think that people should continue to theorize who that old man was.”

It’s an intriguing reply for Leitch, as his words suggest that the anonymous old man, whether he’s Ben or not, will have a significant role in the movie. Clearly, there’s a correct theory to be found here concerning the guy’s identity and fans need to keep working on finding out just what it is.

Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin and Jack Kesy, among others, and will be with us on June 1st, 2018.