International Deadpool 2 Promo Takes Aim At The Greatest Showman


With precisely seven days left until Deadpool 2‘s theatrical release, the 20th Century Fox marketing machine is operating at a mile a minute. And behind the wheel? The inimitable Wade Wilson who continues to hurl insults at Marvel directors (Infinity War) and Hugh Jackman with each passing day.

The latest is tucked away within Deadpool 2‘s international promo, which features a brief primer from the Merc himself, who laments the fact that The Greatest Showman (AKA Jackman’s “fabulous dancing monkey musical”) is so successful in Japan – more so than even Tim Miller’s original Deadpool movie.

Filled with “murderous jealousy,” Wade Wilson then rolls out the latest TV spot for his upcoming summer adventure, which is purportedly destined to become the biggest R-rated opening at the domestic box office, well, ever with $150 million.

That’s quite the achievement for a comic book character who, prior to 2015, spent his time languishing in development hell. It’s a credit to Ryan Reynolds, then – not to mention that fortuitous trailer leak – that Deadpool has gone on to become a global phenomenon, even if he still struggles to court Hugh Jackman out of X-retirement.

Because despite his best efforts, Hugh Jackman won’t be donning the claws for Deadpool 2, as earlier this week, the Aussie actor delivered a message to Ryan Reynolds and advised him to “back it up a little.” It’s all in good fun, of course, given Jackman and Reynolds are close friends off set and frequently trade jokes back and forth on Twitter, but for those pining for a possible Deadpool/Wolvie crossover, it appears that ship has sailed.