Avengers: Infinity War Directors Flip The Bird At Deadpool 2’s No Spoiler Policy


There’s a war brewing between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Merc With a Mouth. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun.

Just yesterday, for instance, Ryan Reynolds, keeper of the Deadpool flame, took to Twitter to poke fun at Marvel Studios and the whole ‘no spoiler’ policy that threatened to engulf Avengers: Infinity War.

To their credit, directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a frank open letter to Marvel fans asking that they think twice about posting spoiler-sensitive material pertaining to Infinity War. But for Reynolds, this was an opportunity to share what is perhaps the perfect parody in anticipation of Deadpool 2.

Here’s a small excerpt from the Merc’s warning, just to give you an idea of how crazy things get:

We have embarked on the ‘Deadpool 2: This is King of Your Guys’ Fault’ World Tour. Almost everyone involved in the film has given Maximum Effort the past two years, maintaining the highest level of super secrets, like how David Blaine catches bullets in his mouth. And the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders’ delicious mustache.

Not even 24 hours have passed, and already, the Russo Brothers have rallied with a Tweet of their own, and have used Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet to flip the bird at Deadpool 2. Yes, this is the best timeline.

And so, over on Twitter, the Infinity War directors posted a close-up of Thanos’ WMD with the simple caption of “boom,” proving that, no, the Mad Titan isn’t to be messed with. Your move, Reynolds…

Deadpool 2 shoots for theaters on May 18th – just don’t hold your breath for a third solo movie for the Merc. At least we have Drew Goddard’s X-Force film to look forward to, though.

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