The Merc Mocks Infinity War With Deadpool 2’s No Spoiler Plea


Wade Wilson demands your sister silence, it seems.

Last month, directors Joe and Anthony Russo took to Twitter in anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War, and asked fans that they think twice before ruining a Marvel movie 10 years in the making – just as they wouldn’t want it spoiled for them. But now that Infinity War is out in the wild – and doing gangbusters, we might add – the irreverent Wade Wilson has rustled up a no spoiler plea of his own, and it’s every bit as cheeky as you might expect.

With Deadpool 2 right around the corner, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to share a frankly hilarious open letter to the “greatest fans in the whole universe.” So just like how David Blaine catches bullets in his mouth, and the blend of 11 herbs and spices that make up “Colonel Sanders’ delicious mustache,” the entire Deadpool crew has worked tirelessly to maintain the highest level of secrecy over the past two years. And that’s something we don’t want to ruin in a hurry.

Aside from the hashtag joke, you’ll notice that Reynolds also alludes to the impending Disney-Fox merger by scoring out 20th Century Fox’s logo and instead writing TBD (to be determined), which is still very much the case given Comcast has now tabled a rival bid that could potentially thrust a wedge in Disney’s plans.

Be that as it may, this open letter is merely the latest example of Deadpool 2‘s meta marketing campaign, as just last week, the Merc With a Mouth took things to a whole new level by collaborating with Celene Dion for “Ashes,” a suitably epic power ballad that will feature on the sequel’s soundtrack when it opens May 18th.

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