Deadpool 2 Star Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun At The Merc’s Little Baby Legs


For better or worse, Deadpool 2 embraces the Merc’s irreverent spirit to deliver a relentless barrage of meta jokes and references to pop culture.

It is, essentially, vintage Deadpool, and your enjoyment of the David Leitch-directed sequel will largely hinge on your appetite for raunchy humor. Because in Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson operates at a mile-a-minute, as he goes about roasting every member of the X-Men and Brad Pitt, of all people.

If there’s one scene that left audiences clutching at their sides, though, it’s the one of Nathan Summers (AKA Cable) barging into the humble home of Blind Al, only to find that Wade Wilson’s regeneration is still very much a work in progress, as he’s sporting a pair of little tiny baby legs – a callback to the first Deadpool movie, which featured Wade’s odd baby hand.

And now, Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, has taken to Twitter to address those, ahem, troubling rumors that he actually sat on a baby to achieve cinematic realism. In typically hilarious fashion, Reynolds manages to extract yet more humor from one of Deadpool 2‘s funniest scenes by admitting that he didn’t sit on said baby…for more than a minute. Or maybe an hour? Definitely no longer than an hour…

Via Twitter:

Said to be eyeing a $20M haul at the domestic box office weekend, Deadpool 2 is playing in theaters all across the globe, and if it’s more coverage you’re after, look no further than this gallery of behind-the-scenes pics. Up next for Wade Wilson is the release of Drew Goddard’s X-Force movie, which is said to be targeting a production start before the year’s end.

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