Ryan Reynolds Defends Deadpool 2’s Batman V Superman Joke


We don’t need to tell you that Deadpool 2 takes aim at everything and everyone. No one’s safe from the Merc with a Mouth as his second solo outing on the big screen makes jokes at the expense of many of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, pop culture’s most beloved characters and a whole lot more.

But one joke in particular that’s got some fans upset was the one directed towards Batman V Superman. It occurs when Wade’s trying to come up with a good excuse for arriving home late on his and Vanessa’s anniversary. One such excuse sees him claim that he was fighting “a caped badass” but it turned out OK in the end as “his mom was named Martha, too.” Obviously, this is a nod to the infamous “Martha” moment from Dawn of Justice. 

Though it’s a perfectly harmless jab, it’s still created a bit of controversy online and now, Ryan Reynolds has defended it on the Empire Film podcast. Speaking with the outlet, he said that it’s totally in-line with the titular hero’s spirit.

“The ‘Martha’ gag, it’s a perfectly Deadpool moment. I think Deadpool is willing to break a few eggs to make that omelette.”

Then, perhaps out of fear of drawing even more hate from the DC fanbase, he made sure to make clear that though he did help write the script, he wasn’t the one responsible for that particular joke.

“I didn’t write that joke, I’ll say that one. That’s one joke I didn’t write.”

Reynolds is right here. The line fits in perfectly with the Merc’s general spirit and attitude and frankly, there’s no reason to be upset over it. It wasn’t like DP was just picking on Batman V Superman or even the DCEU. He made fun of the MCU, the X-Men and many more popular Hollywood franchises. Like we said above, no one was safe in Deadpool 2 and the fact that this Martha joke has caused this much controversy is really a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

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