Deadpool 2 Star Zazie Beetz Says Domino Would’ve Beat Up Thanos In Avengers: Infinity War


What’s the limit of Domino’s luck? That’s one of the questions raised by a recent statement from Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz during a panel at ACE Comic Con.

When the actress was asked if she thinks Domino would’ve succeeded where Thor failed and sliced off Thanos’ head at the climax of Avengers: Infinity War, Beetz responded, “Definitely,” before briefly expanding further.

“I think that Domino would have beat up Thanos,” Beetz said. “Yes, I do, in short.”

What makes this idea more plausible than you might think is that while decapitations aren’t allowed to be shown in the family-friendly MCU, Domino comes from the R-rated Deadpool movies, where such gruesome sights are a given. Of course, in the wake of the Disney-Fox deal, it’s not out of the question that Wade Wilson and his peers will have a chance to interact with their long-separated Marvel kin, though most of us would agree that the property would be better off if it didn’t have to tone the violence down to PG-13 levels in order to make this happen.

At the same event, Beetz discussed the warm response her character received among the fans, feeling that the differences between the big screen Domino and her comic book alter ego haven’t provoked too much backlash from Marvel purists.

“I also understood that. I think about my own kind of associations I have with my own characters that I loved in my childhood, and you definitely…particularly visually have an image that you’re attached to,” Beetz said. “So I understood that part. So I get if you feel, or if people have felt detached from my version. I more balk at if people become rude online or something like that, but I have to say it hasn’t been too much of an issue. I’ve been blessed in that department.”

While the fans have largely responded well to both Domino and Deadpool 2, they haven’t been so keen on the idea re-releasing the film in a PG-13 cut. Nonetheless, The Deadpool Before Christmas comes out December 21st, and presumably with very few decapitations. In the meantime, look out for news on the planned X-Force movie.

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