First TV Spot For Deadpool 2 Teases More Of The Same


Are you ready for the second coming?

It’s been two whole years since the meteoric success of Tim Miller’s raunchy Deadpool movie – $363 million domestic for a global cume in excess of $780 million – and the Merc with a Mouth is back, thank the heavens, for Deadpool 2, a high-octane sequel that is expected to up the ante quite considerably.

Case in point: the addition of Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Infinity War‘s Josh Brolin), two fan-favorite mutants who are about to give the Merc a run for his money when it comes to supernatural abilities. The latter is said to be pretty crucial to the overall story of Deadpool 2, which shouldn’t be all that surprising to those familiar with the Nathan Summers of Marvel’s X-Men comics.

Imbued with the ability to time-travel, the one-eyed Cable will be searching for Julian Dennison’s fire-wielding mutant when the lights go down on May 18th. And you’ll be able to catch another glimpse of Josh Brolin’s anti-hero up above thanks to the first Deadpool 2 TV spot.

Alas, it contains much of the same footage that premiered back in March, where fans were treated to a sneak peek of Wade Wilson’s “super-duper-fucking group.” Among them are Terry Crews, Shioli Kutsuna and Bill Skarsgård, also known as the sewer-dwelling Pennywise from New Line’s It reboot.

We know Crews is locked in to play Bedlam, a mutant capable of generating a bioelectric field that disrupts mechanical and electrical systems. His powers can also mess with people’s minds – specifically the neurochemistry that controls pain and sleep – which ought to compliment Kutsuna’s Surge, who looks more and more like a younger version of the famous Psylocke every time we see here.

However that may be, Deadpool 2 has been slated for a release on May 18th. And no, despite claims to the contrary, those much-touted reshoots didn’t involve cutting one of the sequel’s primary villains.

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