Deadpool 2 Won’t Be As Absurd As That Teaser Was


For a while there, it looked like Deadpool 2 was having a rough time of it. With the departure of director Tim Miller and some concerning rumors regarding the script, fans began to worry. All that changed though at the beginning of the month when the sequel’s first promo arrived with Logan, teasing a follow up that was dark and irreverent in precisely the same way as the original.

What it also teased was a pretty absurd film, one that has a fairly cruel sense of humor. Fans were certainly on board with all that, but as it turns out, the footage we got a few weeks back wasn’t entirely representative of what the final product will look like. In a recent interview with Coming Soon, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick discussed how what was done for the promo wouldn’t really fit into a movie, and as such, we shouldn’t expect to see that same type of tone in the sequel.

“It was a little more absurd, to be honest. If you look at the plot, abandoning an innocent man as he tries to get dressed, that’s probably something that doesn’t fit into a movie. It wouldn’t work in the logic of a movie, but Deadpool affords us the opportunity to break rules, always. We just thought, “Let’s make a silly short that doesn’t really happen to Deadpool.” We don’t really like to adhere to any rules in Deadpool. Even the tone can be more absurd if we feel like it’s funny. That was our goal there.”

Given that what we got wasn’t an actual trailer, it makes sense that they were able to go this route with it, and their decision certainly paid off, as the promo generated an unbelievable amount of hype and interest in the sequel, quickly catapulting Deadpool 2 to the top of many people’s most anticipated films list – if it wasn’t there already. Couple that with the recent casting announcement of Zazie Beetz as Domino, and things are certainly moving along nicely for the blockbuster.

Next on the calling card for the project will be locating an actor to play the part of Cable – if it hasn’t already. To date, Pierce Brosnan, David Harbour and Russell Crowe have all reportedly pitched their proverbial hats into the ring for the hulking mercenary, but at least at the time of writing, that search continues.

Deadpool 2 is still without a release date, but all signs point to Fox firing up production later in 2017. We’ll keep you posted as further updates arise.

Source: Coming Soon