It’s Official: Zazie Beetz Lands The Role Of Domino In Deadpool 2


For the past month or so, the Deadpool 2 rumor mill has been operating at full tilt, churning out one speculative tidbit after another that resulted in a situation where Sienna Miller, MacKenzie Davis, Kerry Washington and Janelle Monae all became linked to the coveted role of Domino at one point or another. That search has now finally – finally! – reached its conclusion though.

Cutting through the noise today was the Merc With a Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds, who announced the casting of Domino in the weirdest way possible. Per Twitter, the Canadian star confirmed that Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz has now landed the part of the deadly, gun-toting mercenary, who will be sharing the screen with Deadpool and the as-yet-uncast Cable very soon indeed. Early 2018, perhaps?

It’s still early, early days on the David Leitch-directed sequel, but with Zazie Beetz now officially on board, Deadpool 2 can finally put those early creative setbacks to bed (read: the back-to-back loss of Tim Miller and composer Junkie XL) and focus on crafting the Merc’s next adventure. Besides, what better way to capitalize on the hype generated by last week’s wonderful, tongue-in-cheek promo than by announcing a talented actress to play Domino?

Here’s that silly confirmation, per Twitter:

Next on the calling card for Deadpool 2 will be locating an actor to play the part of Cable – if it hasn’t already. To date, Pierce Brosnan, David Harbour and Russell Crowe have all reportedly pitched their proverbial hats into the ring for the hulking mercenary, but at least at the time of writing, that search continues.

Circling back to Domino, though, fans will know all too well that the X-Force member is a trained sniper, one that first muscled her way onto the comic scene via 1992’s X-Force #8. Since then, she’s grown into a bona fide fan-favorite, and her ability to tilt the odds ever so slightly in her favor time and time again is enough to drive Deadpool up the wall. In short, we can’t wait to see Beetz and Reynolds riff on the big screen.

Deadpool 2 is, at the of writing, without a release date, but all signs point to Fox firing up production later in 2017.

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