See If You Can Spot The Differences In The Theatrical Deadpool 2 Teaser


Last weekend, 20th Century Fox lit the internet on fire when they dropped the first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2. To be fair, it was really more of a promo, but still, it gave us a brand new look at the Merc with a Mouth, presenting a wildly entertaining scene that featured more than a few easter eggs and even a Stan Lee cameo. However, it wasn’t the exact same footage that was shown in theaters alongside Logan.

While mostly identical, the version released online was a bit longer, contained a few more jokes, opted for different music and, as mentioned above, featured an appearance from the comic book legend. Why these changes were made is unknown, but the studio has now released the theatrical cut online as well, allowing us to see exactly how the two promos differ.

Personally, we prefer the version with Lee in it, though the use of John Williams’ iconic Superman theme when Deadpool charges out of the phone booth is a nice touch. Either way, they both make for a great introduction to the upcoming sequel and hopefully signal promising things to come.

After all, concerns started to mount when the movie lost its director, which was then followed by troubling reports about the script. Now, however, it seems like everything’s back on track and if the footage shown in this recent promo is any indication, we can expect Deadpool 2 to be every bit as good as its predecessor – if not better.

We’ve included the theatrical version above along with the online one below, so you can compare. Take a look at them both and let us know which one you prefer!