Was Cable’s Daughter Teased In The Deadpool 2 Trailer?


Though the Merc with a Mouth didn’t end up having a cameo in Logan as many fans had hoped for, we did get what was arguably the next best thing – a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2. Actually, it wasn’t so much a teaser as it was a promo, featuring the antihero in a rather hilarious scene complete with an appearance by the legendary Stan Lee.

As expected, it’s set the internet on fire as fans are now dissecting it for hints and easter eggs that might point to what’s to come in the highly anticipated sequel. Of course, the one thing that many are looking for is any clue as to who may be playing Cable. Everyone from Pierce Brosnan to Russell Crowe and even Stranger Things star David Harbour has been linked to the role. While we don’t get any concrete answers here as to who may be bringing the character to life on screen, we do get another Cable-related goodie which is pretty interesting.

ComicBook.com has noticed that in the phone booth Wade Wilson uses to get into costume, the word “Hope!” is spelt out in graffiti. There’s nothing particularly meaningful about that, but once the Merc heads out of the booth, the word is seen again, right next to the Firefly poster. So, what’s the significance? Well, nothing really, but if you’re willing to make a bit of a stretch, here’s what ComicBook.com thinks.

We’ve already told you that the Firefly poster could be hinting at Nathan Fillion taking the role of Cable, and now, with the word “Hope” showing up next to it, as well as in the phone booth, fans think it might be referring to Hope Summers, the daughter of Nathan Summers aka Cable. Whether or not it’s just a fun nod for viewers to find or it actually indicates that she’s set to show up in the sequel is unclear, but as ComicBook.com points out, in the source material, the character is a host for the Phoenix Force, and with X-Men: Supernova said to adapt The Dark Phoenix Saga, it’s certainly possible that some seeds for that will be planted here. After all, if Logan began to set up the future of the franchise, then there’s no reason to think that Deadpool 2 won’t start laying some groundwork as well.

For now, all of this remains as speculation and nothing more, but with the first promo for the sequel now out in the wild, we expect some official news to start arriving soon. From what we’ve heard, Deadpool 2 will head in front of cameras this spring, so at the very least, we’ll definitely hear about the casting of both Cable and Domino, and maybe even Hope, within the next month or two.