Deadpool 3 Might Be Hitting Theaters Sooner Than We Thought


More than nineteen months after the release of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds finally confirmed last week that a third movie is in development.

Given how long it’s taken for Deadpool 3 to even get this far, you might think we have a long wait ahead of us before the film actually makes its way to theaters. But while we probably shouldn’t expect Disney to deliver anything before the end of Marvel’s Phase 4, it’s starting to sound like Wade Wilson’s next solo outing may not have as far to go as the last year-and-a-half of near-silence would suggest.

Scoopster Jeremy Conrad, for instance, recently claimed via Twitter that things are “ramping up very quickly” for the third Deadpool, and that he “wouldn’t be shocked” if the movie began filming in 2020 or early 2021, before filling Marvel’s October 2022 release slot. Meanwhile, Knight Edge Media Editor-in-Chief Caleb Williams has tweeted that casting grids are already starting to circulate.

What’s interesting to note here as well is that back in the fall when We Got This Covered were the first to tell you that the threequel was looking at an October 2022 release, Conrad was quick to shoot us down, saying there’s no way it would happen. However, with the blogger now changing his tune, it looks like perhaps he’s received the same intel we had months ago, which would seem to confirm our original scoop.

In any case, while it’s clear that the Disney/Fox merger – finalized back in March – has significantly delayed the release of Deadpool 3, it sounds like Marvel is hoping to make up for some of that lost time. If the movie really does make it to theaters in October 2022, then it would mean a wait of just over four years since Deadpool 2, which is certainly long by the standards of the series (the gap between the first two films was slightly over two years), but is pretty typical for MCU sequels lately.

Given how much momentum the Merc with a Mouth has at the box office these days though, Disney would do well to bring out Deadpool 3 while the property’s still hot. But in the meantime, Marvel Studios has a whole load of Phase 4 movies to get through, starting with the release of Black Widow on May 1st, 2020.