Ryan Reynolds Rumored To Be Announcing Deadpool 3 Next Month


We’re now coming up to three years since the release of Deadpool 2 and despite much gossip, there are still no concrete plans for Deadpool 3. Most put this down to a post-merger Disney not knowing what to do with the foul-mouthed and violent mercenary, as his R-rated antics won’t easily fit into the MCU and nobody wants to neuter the character.

But now, there’s a new report flying around that says we’re going to get a reveal very soon. We should note that this information comes from 4Chan, so don’t so much take it with a pinch of salt as much as the whole damn shaker. But bearing that in mind, let’s see what the ‘leaker’ has to say…

  • A new MCU Deadpool is indeed in the works. Reynolds and Feige have finally come to an agreement on what the movie will be.
  • It’s a half sequel to the established Deadpool Series and half reboot.
  • Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be returning to write the script along with Reynolds, who already has a barebones draft constructed that he used to pitch the movie to Feige.
  • It will be titled Deadpool: Retcon and will be set during the snap. The film will open with the entire established supporting cast of the Deadpool franchise getting snapped away. With Weasel getting snapped off screen to avoid using TJ Miller, which will be referenced in a 4th wall break.
  • Deadpool will assume this happened due to him time traveling at the end of Deadpool 2 and attempt to fix it. The running joke is that Deadpool has always been in the MCU and there’s definitely nothing strange about that. T-Ray is the villain.
  • The film will be rated R and released under the 20th Century banner. It will work a lot like the Sony Spider-Man films where the MCU is canon to Deadpool but not necessarily vice versa.
  • Reynolds signed a historically lucrative 5 film contract with Marvel Studios. This will be a big headline when this news breaks. The money is insane.
  • Expect this news by December 10th. Likely will be announced by Reynolds on Twitter/Instagram, possibly in character as Deadpool.

Credit where credit’s due, as if this is someone making it up, they’ve done a decent job. Squaring the circle on how to stay true to the Merc with a Mouth while being a part of the MCU is tricky and this half sequel/half reboot sounds like as good a way as any to do it.

I also think it’s likely that Deadpool 3 won’t be released under the Disney banner and will exist in parallel with the MCU rather than squarely within it. We’ll get a test run of that concept with Venom 2 and Spider-Man 3 next year, too, which will each feature elements from each other’s universe.

Reynolds getting an “insane” five-film deal also sounds quite plausible. After all, the actor is very hot right now, not just for his on-screen charisma, but for his charity work as well.

Predictions like these don’t usually come with dates attached, so we’ll know one way or the other by December 10th. While I’ll never put much stock into whatever some random person writes on 4chan, I hope this particular story is true – if only because we really need some news on Deadpool 3.