Deadpool 3 Rumored To Be Half Sequel And Half Reboot


Ever since Disney completed their takeover of Fox and acquired the rights to the studio’s marquee franchises, a lot of people were curious to see if the Mouse House had any plans for the likes of Alien, Predator and Die Hard, which don’t exactly fit their family-friendly image. It could be a long time before we get an answer on that matter, but one of Fox’s former R-rated properties that’s definitely in the works is Deadpool 3.

Handling someone like the Merc with a Mouth in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was always going to be one of the main sticking points, though. After all, the MCU has existed with its own set of narrative rules and regulations for well over a decade at this point, and parachuting in a foul-mouthed and irreverent character with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience requires a delicate and very tricky balancing act to pull off successfully.

Of course, there’ve been various rumors making the rounds over the last year about whether or not Deadpool 3 would be a direct sequel or a reboot, and while we still don’t know for sure, the answer might be both. According to a new leak that claims to offer up some major details on Wade Wilson’s impending return, which admittedly comes from 4Chan so shouldn’t be taken at face value despite the site having got the scoop on a couple of huge MCU developments in the past, the third outing will star the same loveable antihero we met over at Fox, but feature an all-new cast of supporting characters.

It’s a half sequel to the established Deadpool Series and half reboot. It will be titled Deadpool: Retcon and will be set during the snap. The film will open with the entire established supporting cast of the Deadpool franchise getting snapped away. With Weasel getting snapped off screen to avoid using TJ Miller, which will be referenced in a 4th wall break. Deadpool will assume this happened due to him time traveling at the end of Deadpool 2 and attempt to fix it. The running joke is that Deadpool has always been in the MCU and there’s definitely nothing strange about that. T-Ray is the villain.

That’s probably the smartest way for Marvel Studios to handle it, and by keeping Ryan Reynolds’ title hero as the only connective tissue to the Fox franchise, it gives Deadpool 3 the ideal opportunity to feel both fresh and familiar at the same time.