Rob Liefeld Would Rather Ryan Reynolds Play Green Lantern Again Than Do Deadpool 3

Green Lantern

The only reason people are even still talking about Green Lantern almost a decade later is because the star of the movie can’t seem to stop making fun of it. Ryan Reynolds has embraced the comic book adaptation’s status as a dud of colossal proportions and actively encourages people not to watch it, while both he and co-star Taika Waititi like to pretend that they’ve never even heard of it.

However, Green Lantern seems to have one unlikely fan in Rob Liefeld, creator of Reynolds’ much more well-received character Deadpool. Liefeld hasn’t exactly been mincing his words when it comes to his opinions on how Marvel and Disney are going to handle the Merc with a Mouth, and he recently revealed in an interview that he’d much rather see Reynolds reprise the role of Hal Jordan than Wade Wilson.

“You know what I would love? You know what I would love, I would love for Ryan Reynolds to be Green Lantern again. More than for him to do Deadpool 3. I would love to see him do that.”

While it isn’t clear if Liefeld is one of the few people that actually enjoyed Green Lantern, he’s bitter about the R-rated Fox franchise being in the hands of the family-friendly Disney or he’s just plain trolling, it can be stated confidently that nobody in their right mind would rather have Ryan Reynolds make a sequel to one of the biggest box office bombs in history at the expense of Deadpool 3.

In any case, the proposed Green Lantern Corps reboot as part of the DCEU is still no further along in the development process despite being announced almost six years ago, while the prospect of Deadpool joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, either. So, for the next while at least, it appears that Liefeld is going to have to make do with neither of them.