Deadpool Creator Says A Third Movie Will Definitely Happen


We’ve been getting a lot of mixed signals on Deadpool 3 in this past year, but in recent weeks, the team behind Wade Wilson’s solo outings has been largely optimistic on the matter. Ryan Reynolds, for instance, has expressed his doubts on multiple occasions that the threequel will ever happen, only to mention earlier this month that the project was already in the works.

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, meanwhile, seems more positive himself these days about the Merc with a Mouth’s future, taking to Twitter to offer his assurance that one way or another, Deadpool 3 will happen:

“Nothing like deadlines to clear your head… let me be clear Deadpool 3 will happen, some form, some fashion. That’s not a concern to me. Disney paid $60 billion for Fox and Deadpool is most valuable asset in today’s market. Makes more than X-Men films.”

While Liefeld seems confident that Wade Wilson has at least one more solo movie left in him, the artist has also made it clear that his hopes aren’t so high for the X-Force film, taking to Twitter recently to commiserate the death of the project.

As with many a Deadpool fan, Liefeld’s concerns stem from the impending Disney/Fox deal, which seems to have halted plans for many an X-Men universe film. A couple of weeks ago, the comic book creator described the character as a conundrum for Disney, whose family-friendly image is a far cry from the Merc’s R-rated escapades.

That being said, CEO Bob Iger mentioned back in 2017 that “there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool,” and according to recent rumors, the upcoming Black Widow solo movie may even be the first Marvel Studios film to bear the R-rating. If the reports have it right, then this bodes very well for Deadpool 3, though going by comments earlier this month from writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, it could still be some wait before so much as a script is ready.

Source: Twitter