Black Widow Movie All But Confirmed To Be R-Rated


Earlier this month, a rumor started doing the rounds that Marvel Studios was discussing the possibility of making the upcoming Black Widow movie their first R-rated film, and now it seems we have one more source to back up this claim.

The Crazy Days and Nights blog run by EntyLawyer posted a blind item a few weeks ago that they’ve since revealed to be referring to an R-rated Black Widow pic. The post describes the move as an experiment that could go horribly wrong, suggesting that the decision may already be made. Either way, if the recent report that shooting begins next month is anything to go by, then the studio might want to make their mind up pretty soon.

Though an R-rated movie would break new ground for the MCU, we’ve seen hints in the past that Disney is open to the possibility. CEO Bob Iger mentioned back in 2017, for instance, that “there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool.” If the studio really does intend to go this way, then the news will surely come as a relief to those worried about the fate of Wade Wilson and the X-Force movie in the wake of the Disney/Fox deal.

As for Black Widow, while younger filmgoers may be disappointed about missing out on the action, a lot of fans would probably welcome the freedom that an R-rating would allow, and with the Marvel franchise set to get even bigger in the coming years, there’s surely room for projects that stray beyond the usual family-friendly fare.

But regardless of the rating, Black Widow currently looks on course for a 2020 release, with one report suggesting that we could be seeing the film in cinemas from May 1st of next year.

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