Ryan Reynolds Says There Probably Won’t Be A Third Deadpool Movie


It’s been a while now since we last heard anyone using the term Deadpool 3, and there’s probably good reason for that, with this hypothetical project being overshadowed by future releases like Once Upon a Deadpool and the X-Force movie. Still, if you were clinging to the hope of seeing a brand new Wade Wilson solo outing, Ryan Reynolds has seemingly laid that idea to rest.

Reynolds’ X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star and ongoing troll-war adversary Hugh Jackman recently went on Sunday TODAY, where Willie Geist recalled how Reynolds had told him last month that “there probably won’t be another standalone Deadpool movie.” And while this revelation may come as a disappointment, it probably won’t be all that surprising.

After all, with X-Force currently looking like it’s still a while away from reaching cinemas and the Disney/Fox deal on the horizon, the Marvel movie landscape will be looking like a very different place by the time anything resembling an opportunity for a Deadpool 3 arises in Reynolds’ schedule.

At the moment, Wade’s future is pretty mysterious, with X-Force director Drew Goddard even admitting last month that he doesn’t know how the merger will affect the film. One idea that we can quite confidently rule out, however, is a team-up between Deadpool and Wolverine, with Jackman spending much of the last week or so reaffirming that he won’t be reprising his role for the sake of such a crossover.

Nonetheless, Reynolds has found another co-star in Fred Savage, with Once Upon a Deadpool running in cinemas for two weeks from December 12th. And after that PG-13 re-release drops, hopefully we’ll get a little clarification on what’s next for the Merc with a Mouth.