Deadpool Creator Casts Doubt On A Potential Spider-Man Crossover

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

The upcoming introduction of Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the potential to shake things up dramatically for the long-running franchise, not least because of the fact the Merc with a Mouth is very much aware of the fact that he’s the star of a comic book movie, which offers the MCU a self-referential angle that it hasn’t really explored before.

Not only that, but there’s also the possibility of the studio venturing into R-rated territory for the first time, as well as the almost limitless number of characters that Deadpool could end up either teaming up with or facing off against, with fans already drawing up their wish-lists for what they want to see from the eventual Deadpool 3 and beyond.

One of the characters that Deadpool has a lot of history with in the pages of Marvel Comics is Spider-Man, and the idea of seeing Tom Holland’s timid Peter Parker alongside Ryan Reynolds’ motormouth Wade Wilson would definitely bring the entertainment factor. However, in a recent interview, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld cast doubt on the idea of a crossover, with the terms of Marvel’s agreement with Sony over the use of the web-slinger acting as a possible roadblock.

“My immediate reaction is that he’s a Sony property. I know that you don’t, I don’t know that I don’t fully understand what that interaction is. If you told me that Deadpool was going to run through the next ten minutes of a Spider-Man movie… Spider-Man and Deadpool is the biggest pairing. I just don’t understand the Sony/Disney relationship. As I understand it, it’s a movie at a time, right? I always go, ‘what does Disney have?’. Sony is a different animal.”

While nobody is sure about the small print in the contract, the previous deal allowed Spider-Man to appear in both standalone movies and team-based outings like Captain America: Civil War and the last two Avengers flicks. The smart money is on Spidey popping up occasionally in Sony’s own Marvel universe, but realistically there isn’t any reason why he couldn’t have some sort of interaction with Deadpool at some point in the future, especially when you consider the huge amount of buzz that it would generate for whatever project it happened to take place in.