Deadpool Will Reportedly Make Fun Of Marvel Actors In The MCU

Deadpool Captain America

Some things never change, it seems.

As Deadpool gets ready for his big move into the MCU, it appears as if the lovable superhero will remain the crass jokester we all know him as. After all, you can’t stop a character like the Merc with a Mouth from being a clown and according to insider Daniel Richtman, the antihero will continue to make fun of everyone and everything around him. Including, it seems, the Marvel actors themselves.

Over on Patreon, the trusted tipster had a small but encouraging update to share about Wade Wilson’s imminent introduction into the MCU, saying that after Deadpool joins the franchise, he’ll not only make fun of the other heroes he comes across, but also the actors that play them.

Here’s what Richtman had to offer:

Deadpool will keep breaking the [fourth] wall in the MCU and make fun the other heroes and real-life actors.

Who, exactly, he’ll set his sights on, the insider doesn’t say, but we’ve heard in the past that both Spidey and Captain Marvel may become targets – so perhaps he’ll be making some digs at Tom Holland and Brie Larson? We can also only imagine what he’ll have to say about folks like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth.

Whatever it is Marvel has planned for Deadpool, it at least seems as if they’ll be keeping the key parts of his personality that make him so enjoyable to watch. And with all the colorful characters running around the MCU, the possibilities for priceless and hilarious interactions between the antihero and other Marvel fan favorites are truly endless.

Tell us, though, who do you want to see the Merc take aim at first when he shows up in the world’s biggest franchise? As always, let us know down below.