Deadpool Star Impersonates Hugh Jackman In Full Wade Wilson Prosthetics


Ryan Reynolds continues his somewhat unconventional promotion of Fox and director Tim Miller’s Deadpool movie with this funny viral video. The clip was actually posted to Twitter by Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, and when you watch, it becomes very clear why that is.

Reynolds does his best Aussie accent (he actually winds up sounding more Kiwi.. but whatever) to poke some good natured fun at the X-Men star and his one-time “sexiest man of the year” status, while in full make-up as the scarred-up Wade Wilson. The impersonation is funny enough, but it’s also punctuated by the fact that Reynolds looks – to paraphrase a line from the movie’s trailer – like the result of an avocado having sex with an older avocado while delivering it.

Of course, these two actors worked together on the poorly-received X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Reynolds also played Wilson… albeit a very different (read: rubbish) incarnation of the character. That movie’s treatment of the Merc With A Mouth will no doubt come in for some ridicule when Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016