Only Hugh Jackman’s Standing In The Way Of Possible Deadpool/Wolverine Crossover


Though they’ve already shared the screen once before (see: X-Men Origins: Wolverine), fans are now beginning to ask the question: will Wade Wilson and Logan ever reunite on the big screen?

Ryan Reynolds is certainly game, though despite his best efforts, the Deadpool 2 star is fully aware that courting Hugh Jackman out of X-retirement is a “near-impossible feat,” presumably because the Aussie actor feels obligated to Logan and its own bittersweet finale.

In his defense, Jackman has asked Reynolds to “back it up” a little on the belief that a possible Deadpool/Wolverine reunion is the cinematic equivalent of pie in the sky. That ship has sailed, it seems, but during a recent red carpet interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds conceded that the only person standing in the way of a possible crossover is Hugh Jackman.

You know, that’s a long-standing dream of mine. Sadly, it is Hugh Jackman that’s the skin-covered speed bump on the road to that sort of happiness. We’ll see. He hung it up, so we’ll see.

No Jackman no party, then, though it would seem that Reynolds is still holding onto a sliver of hope that Wolverine will one day – one day – claw his way back onto the scene. The question, really, is whether a surprise second coming would undercut the finale of James Mangold’s Logan, a raw, neo-noir that closed the book on Wolvie’s saga after 17 years. We’ll leave that one to you.

From the studio that killed Wolverine comes…Deadpool 2! And at least based on Matt Donato’s in-depth review, it appears David Leitch’s follow-up lives up to the sky-high expectations.

Source: Twitter